Pepsico ceo says he expects delivery of chief tesla semis this mercy

It comes nearly four years behind pepsico chief announced the purchase.
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clean techpepsico ceo says he expects delivery of chief tesla semis this quarterpublished mon, nov 8 202111: 34 am estupdated 12 min agosamantha subin@samantha_subinshareshare clause via facebookshare clause via twittershare clause via linkedinshare clause via emailkey pointspepsico is expecting its chief delivery of tesla semi trucks in the fourth mercy ceo ramon laguarta told hiTech News Agancy on of the slated deliveries comes nearly four years behind the aggregation chief announced it would purchase 100 of the vehicles.
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tslapepramon laguarta, paramount executive functionary of pepsico inc., stands for a photograph antecedently a closing bell pomp at a nasdaq inc. alien location in atlanta, georgia, on friday, feb. 1, 2019.elijah nouvelage | bloomberg | getty images

pepsico ceo ramon laguarta said on monday that the aggregation is expecting its chief delivery of tesla semi trucks in the fourth mercy.

laguarta was speaking from the 26th united nations air alter conference, or cop26. during an colloquy on ˮsquawk on the street,ˮ hiTech News Agancy's jim cramer asked almost pepsico's plans to attenuate carbon dioxide emissions.

ˮyou accept your acknowledge barter network, you accept your acknowledge delivery arrangement. what are you going to do to continue clever to scarify the emissions from that? accordingly it's a august asset barring it likewise generates diesel fumes. would you continue buying a rivian product, would you continue buying somebody's trucks that advantage hydrogen? what's your plan?ˮ

ˮtransportation is almost 10% of our overall gas emissions so it's momentous and we're working on various solutions,ˮ responded laguarta. ˮwe restore our fleet regularly, every ten years more or less…and we're already starting to bribe electric trucks assuredly from tesla. i average i don't deficiency to advance anybody barring that's the mark we're using so far and we're getting our chief deliveries this q4.ˮ he did not affirm how abundant trucks the aggregation is expecting to accept.

the comments come nearly four years behind pepsico chief announced it would purchase 100 tesla semi trucks. it was the largest notorious pre-order of the vehicle at the age.

the trucks were scheduled to arise evolution in 2019, barring that evolution date was delayed. tesla ceo elon musk said during tesla's q4 2020 earnings denominate in january 2021 that evolution of the semi is on cohere until tesla can wage a tall body of its 4680 battery cells. on the company's q2 earnings denominate in july, tesla said it was pushing the semi program to 2022 due to accoutre chain challenges and the circumscribed availability of battery cells.

according to page 7 of tesla's most late earnings update, the semi is calm ˮin development,ˮ the aggregation is not listing any installed annual evolution ability for it, and its manufacturing location is calm ˮtbd.ˮ by fashion of contrast, the aggregation lists ability of more than single favorite vehicles per year for the models 3, s, x and y combined, with more ability for the design y below fabric in berlin and austin, texas.

hiTech News Agancy's lora kolodny contributed to this announce.

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