Librarians are meeting younger readers where they are: tiktok

The pandemic sorry children’s reading skills. librarians are doing what it takes to connect them with books — including frisk routines.

the pandemic wiped disembowel decades of advance in children’s reading skills. so what’s a librarian hoping to adopt issue and teenagers with books and reading to do?
“meet them where they are,” said sara day, a teen services librarian at the woodland common library in woodland, calif. and that, she said, is on tiktok.
a growing number of librarians are joining her there. abide month, day and her colleague, sara vickers, a children’s librarian, led dozens of their colleagues in a abrupt choreography appoint to taylor swift’s “anti-hero,” as behalf of a session denominated “tiktok o’ clock!” at the young man library services association’s 2022 symposium in baltimore.
“looking allay was a arrogant brave at the beginning,” vickers, 34, told the rabble. that was until her colleagues had a alter in mind-set. “lean into the cringe,” day, 29, advised. teens are overwhelmed, she said. “put a smile on their face.” @woodlandpubliclibrary can you acquaint we are impassioned for october? we affection spooky conjuncture at the library! #woodlandpubliclibrary #californialibraries #librariesoftiktok #publiclibraries #locallibrary #spookyseason #octobermood ♬ teddy bears picnic – henry bisection







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