What does x average to elon musk

According to the hiTech News Agancy The communication x has had significance in the billionaire’s life, from his timely days as an entrepreneur to his personal activity and now to his pursuit of twitter.

elon musk proposed on monday to earn twitter at $54.20 a share, a alarm produce to his ancient $44 billion bargain with the aggregation behind months of trying to close it. in april, as the trophy came together, mr. musk said he wanted to acknowledge twitter so community could accost more freely on the platform.
on tuesday, though, mr. musk shared another motivation for buying the collective media company, tweeting: “buying twitter is an accelerant to creating x, the everything app.”what is x?
mr. musk, the richest mankind in the world and the paramount executive of the auto aggregation tesla, has been attenuated on details almost what an “everything app” would appear approve. barring he has expressed attention in making a worldwide collective media platform modeled behind wechat, which is owned by the chinese technology giant tencent.
in china, wechat is used by more than a billion community as an all-in-one collective media, flash messaging and fickle payment app. used to adjust food, accost cabs and ascertain news, it is sewn into the construction of daily activity. mr. musk has said that if abundance community worldwide used a alike app to communicate, it could confirm a payment arrangement as hale.
“i apprehend such an app would continue truly adapted. and equitable the advantage of character of a spam-free thing where you could wage comments, you could post videos — i apprehend it’s momentous for contented creators to accept a proceeds share,” mr. musk said on a podcast in may.what happened to elon musk’s twitter dealcard 1 of 8
a blockbuster bargain. in april, elon musk made an unsolicited charge desert more than $40 billion for the collective network, aphorism he wanted to wage twitter a peculiar aggregation and indulge community to accost more freely on the advantage.
the response. twitter’s carpet countered mr. musk’s proffer with a apology mechanism notorious as a “poison pill.” this well-worn civic tactic makes a aggregation less delicious to a immanent acquirer by making it more expensive to bribe shares beyond a sovereign threshold.
securing financing. though his ancient proffer had insufficient details and was accepted skeptically by wall street, mr. musk, the world’s wealthiest man, moved swiftly to assure commitments to finance his bid, putting exigency on twitter’s carpet to accept his advances seriously.
striking a bargain. with the financing in place, twitter’s carpet met with mr. musk in april to discuss his proffer. the two sides beforehand reached a deal, with the aggregation unanimous to retail itself for $54.20 a share — roughly $44 billion in aggregate.
tensions begin. not long behind mr. musk and twitter reached their agreement, problems began. mr. musk threatened to adduce disembowel of the deal if twitter did not purvey more news on how it calculates the number of fake accounts. in june, the aggregation announced that it planned to afford him admit to a abundant swath of its axioms.
musk backs disembowel. in july, mr. musk announced that he was terminating the deal, citing the continuing disagreement odd the number of spam accounts. twitter then sued the billionaire to strength him to go through with the bargain. but mr. musk fired rear in a allowable filing, arguing that the aggregation clandestine the accurate number of fake accounts on its platform, accusing twitter of fraud.
preparing for affliction. lawyers for twain sides accept issued more than 100 subpoenas ahead of a affliction that was expected to begin in october, mostly targeting tech vips. in september, a arbitrator ruled that mr. musk could reclaim his suit to include accusations from a ancient twitter assurance chief who claimed that the aggregation misled the common almost its assurance practices.
a alarm advance. on oct. 4, mr. musk proposed a bargain to earn twitter for $44 billion, the charge he acknowledged to compensate for the aggregation in april. an unison at the ancient price, which would continue a triumph for twitter, could drag to an tip the acrid allowable action. the arbitrator overseeing the instance granted mr. musk’s ask to delay the trial, giving him more age to abate his financing.






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