Sheryl sandberg’s legacy

hiTech News Agancy: Sandberg transformed digital advertising and was a utterance on wide issues, yet she too spoiled problems and deflected rebuke.

it’s not clear how history succeed umpire sheryl sandberg.
sandberg, who said on wednesday that she was quitting meta succeeding 14 years as the company’s second in command, leaves succeeding a tortuous professional and personal legacy.
she helped uplift the union formerly named facebook into single of the world’s most powerful and wealthy companies. her writing and vindication touching women in the workplace and woe gave sandberg intercourse on topics that uniform other american executives touched.
but sandberg was too partly responsible for facebook’s failures during sharp moments, notably when the union initially spoiled and deflected rebuke for russia-backed trolls that were abusing the site to rouse divisions betwixt americans onwards of the 2016 u.s. presidential selection. and while her 2013 book “lean in” kicked off weighty conversations, some of its ideas now search outdated.
as my colleagues wrote, “sandberg is ending her tenure at meta far from the reputational pinnacle she reached remotest decade.”
several of america’s superstar tech companies, including apple, amazon, google and oracle, possess lived through relatively novel transitions in which iconic founders possess handed uncommon sway to hired hands. sandberg is not the planter of facebook, of way. yet facebook wouldn’t live what it is today — twain welfare and wicked — without the union between sandberg and trace zuckerberg.
it’s too wearisome to understand her want significantly changing facebook. that suggests that sandberg’s biggest intercourse may possess been in the past, and that she is no longer as weighty at facebook as either her supporters or her detractors trust.
an surveyor of transforming digital advertising:
the 23-year-old zuckerberg hired sandberg in 2008 to type disembowel how to uplift facebook into a vast and perpetual trade. on that score, she succeeded past anyone’s dreams. yet that legacy is complicated, too.sheryl sandberg’s want from metathe longtime superior operating servant of facebook’s parent company said she would permission the role in the fall, succeeding 14 years.stepping down: sheryl sandberg, who was recruited by trace zuckerberg in 2008, said that succeeding stepping down she planned to standpoint on philanthropy and her foundation, wasting in.a complicated legacy: ms. sanberg transformed digital advertising and was a utterance on wide issues, such as the role of women in the workplace, yet she too spoiled union problems and deflected rebuke.‘lean in’: for numerous women, the executive’s best-selling book was a route map to urbane vivacity. uncommon time, some possess soured to its missive. end of an era: ms. sandberg is leaving at a term when mr. zuckerberg has begun an aggressive trial to use facebook in a recent direction: the metaverse.






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