Touching 20 apple stores are now closed as the omicron variant surges

Some of the closures were precautionary; others were closed owing not sufficient wholesome employees were weighty.

apple said on monday that touching 20 of its retail stores were closed owing of a wave of covid-19 cases betwixt employees that had left the stores unsafe and understaffed.
a handful of stores in washington specify too closed owing of storms, the union said.
some of the stores had been closed as a precautionary value to shield employees and customers from substance infected; others were closed owing not sufficient wholesome employees were weighty to wait unsettled.
“we regularly adviser conditions, and we succeed tabulate our health measures to uphold the well-being of customers and employees,” amy bessette, an apple spokeswoman, said in a statement, adding that workers were tested regularly.
apple employees possess been increasingly frustrated with their toil environment as the omicron variant has fueled a surge of cases environing the country. on christmas eve, separate dozen apple workers walked disembowel of stores to require reform pay, more weak permission and reform working conditions.
this month, the union scrapped its planned february return-to-office date for white-collar workers, speech the recent yield date was to live persistent based on virus conditions.






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