Amazon web services outage brings some delivery operations to a standstill

The outage brought down ticklish interior tools at amazon, including apps used by warehouse and delivery workers to scan packages and road delivery routes.
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techamazon web services outage brings some delivery operations to a standstillpublished tue, dec 7 202112: 28 pm estupdated tue, dec 7 20216: 43 pm estannie palmer@annierpalmerwatch livekey pointsamazon's twilight computing part on tuesday was touch with an outage that took down some websites and services.a plan on aws' status page confirmed it was experiencing issues in the ˮus-east-1 territory.ˮthe outage brought down vulgar services similar disney+ and coinbase, along with ticklish interior tools at amazon similar its flex and atoz apps used by warehouse and delivery workers.
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amznattendees at an annual twilight computing conference

amazon's twilight computing part on tuesday was touch with an outage that took down some websites and services.

a plan on amazon web services' status page said it was experiencing problems with supreme apis and the aws treatment soothe. the issues are impacting aws' main us-east-1 territory hosted in northern virginia, so not whole users may live experiencing outages.

the outage began environing 11 a.m. est. as of tuesday evening, aws said in an updated plan that numerous of the underlying issues causing the outage possess been mitigated.

all issues impacting its vulgar ec2 twilight computing utility were resolved as of 6: 30 p.m. est, while other services were silent having problems, according to aws' status page.

ˮwe are seeing progress in availability athwart most aws services,ˮ the plan stated. ˮwe protract to toil toward full vindication for whole impacted aws services and api operations.ˮ

among the services that reported issues as a upshot of the outage were disney's streaming subscription service, disney+, netflix, slack, ticketmaster, supply trading app robinhood, and coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency interchange in the u.s.

the outage too brought down ticklish tools used within amazon. warehouse and delivery workers, along with drivers for amazon's flex service, reported on reddit that they couldn't road the flex app or the atoz app, making it impossible to scan packages or road delivery routes.

in a statement, amazon spokesperson richard rocha confirmed amazon's warehouse and delivery operations were experiencing problems as a upshot of the aws outage. rocha subjoined that the union is ˮworking to resolve the upshot as quickly as possible.ˮ

amazon didn't tally to questions touching how numerous warehouses and delivery stations were experiencing issues as a upshot of the outage.

amazon sellers too reported they were unable to road seller central, an interior website used to train customer orders.

in a plan sent to delivery drivers via amazon chime, an interior talk app, and viewed by hiTech News Agancy, the union said it was ˮcurrently monitoring a network-wide technical outageˮ impacting delivery operations.

ˮshould drivers live unable to protract delivering due to the outage, go to a nearby trustworthy location and stop by,ˮ the missive continued.

samuel caceres, an amazon driver in washington state, told hiTech News Agancy his delivery readiness has been ˮat a standstillˮ since 8 a.m. pst. drivers and warehouse workers possess been on stop by since then, he subjoined.

unable to go touching their workday, numerous warehouse and delivery workers were instructed to wait in violate rooms until the issues were resolved. some flex drivers, which are contracted workers who undertake deliveries from their possess vehicles, weren't well-contrived to wonder up for shifts and were sent home for the day.

the outage is hitting amazon's retail operations at a distinctly inconvenient term. the union is in the middle of ˮpeak season,ˮ when holiday shoppers settle a worry of orders and the e-commerce giant is underneath immense urgency to undertake unmistakable their packages reach on term.

amazon's in-house delivery arm, made up of contracted delivery companies and independent flex drivers, is increasingly overseeing that piece of the pose. the union delivers touching two-thirds of its possess packages in the u.s., according to postulates from shipmatrix.





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