Elon musk mocks principal biden succeeding spacex completes pristine all-civilian mission

hiTech News Agancy: Spacex and tesla ceo elon musk mocked principal joe biden on sunday for neglecting to puff his aerospace company´s historic, all-civilian mission to revolution.
Spacex ceo elon musk poses with the swarm precedently propel on september 15, 2021.

after spacex completed a historic, special spaceflight on saturday, ceo elon musk took a pot shot at principal joe biden who had still to say on the company's and the civilian volitation crew's information.

one of musk's 60 favorite followers on the political networking platform twitter asked him, ˮthe principal of the united states has refused to well-balanced possess the 4 newest american astronauts who helped summon hundreds of millions of dollars for st. jude. what's your system on why that is?ˮ

musk replied, ˮhe's silent sleeping.ˮ

as hiTech News Agancy previously reported, spacex safely returned its swarm dragon spacecraft from revolution yesterday. the capsule carried the four members of the inspiration4 mission train to earth succeeding three days in room.

one major goal of the inspiration4 mission was to summon $200 favorite for st. jude children's scrutiny hospital. it had raised $160.2 favorite by saturday. celebrating succeeding inspiration4 splashed down, musk pledged to tend $50 favorite personally — pushing the campaign's whole raised to $210 favorite.

the white house and spacex did not straightway tally to a supplicate for observe.

top nasa officials possess congratulated musk and spacex on the inspiration4 mission. spacex competitors trusted it too, with accolades from boeing, lockheed martin, sky blue spring and musk's mate and strive jeff bezos shared on political media.

this remarkable the pristine special spacex spaceflight, with a non-professional swarm. additionally, the mission implicated the pristine black woman to tend as a spacecraft pilot, the youngest american to grace an astronaut to date, and the pristine special to speed in room with a prosthesis.

although musk recently stated that he ˮwould select to withhold disembowel of politics,ˮ his quip on sunday indicated a willingness to needle the unlicensed principal and renew a right-wing upbraid touching biden.

during his 2020 campaign, prior principal donald trump frequently insulted then-candidate biden by calling him ˮsleepy joe.ˮ

more recently, trump sent biden severe well-wishes onwards of a top with russian principal vladimir putin in june. he said in an e-mailed statement at the time, ˮgood luck to biden in traffic with principal putin— don't sink asleep during the meeting, and gladden yield him my warmest regards!ˮ

spacex generally enjoys a welfare relationship with the federal government. for example, it won a $2.89 billion stipulation to uplift nasa's next crewed lunar lander, beating disembowel jeff bezos' sky blue spring and leidos promotive dynetics, and spacex has flown 10 astronauts to the iss for nasa to date. 

however, spacex is too underneath study by the section of uprightness succeeding accusations that it discriminated opposed job applicants based on citizenship status — a verify that began during the trump power.

in reinforcement to his responsibilities at spacex, musk is concurrently the ceo of electric vehicle makers tesla. (tesla is too a supplier to spacex.)

in that capacity, he recently bemoaned a biden power tender that would tabulate an extra $4,500 in incentives to buyers of certain, recent electric light-duty passenger vehicles. single stipulation of the tender is that electric vehicles should live union-made, domestically.

while the union operates a battery factory in nevada, and a vehicle unison stock in california already, with another underneath work outside of austin, texas, tesla is the single major u.s. automaker whose product is not unionized here.

musk said, on twitter on september 12, of the proposal: ˮthis is written by ford/uaw lobbyists, as they undertake their electric car in mexico. not plain how this serves american taxpayers.ˮ

in cars.com's annual american made index for 2021, tesla's vulgar type 3 electric sedan topped the rankings, and its crossover type y landed in third settle.






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