Warner bros to yield more than 10 films exclusively for hbo max quit

Warner bros. succeed tinker hbo max next year with more than 10 recent movie titles made exclusively for the streaming utility.
In this photo type an hbo max logo seen displayed on a smartphone.

warner bros. succeed tinker hbo max next year with more than 10 recent movie titles made exclusively for the streaming service, warnermedia ceo jason kilar said thursday.

speaking during at&t's second-quarter earnings call, kilar said that showy releases succeed protract to live weighty to the company, yet it can't repudiate the welfare it has seen from at-home viewing.

ˮthe move resemblance format absolutely matters and it matters in a number of ways,ˮ kilar said. ˮit matters in theaters…they too substance at home and, absolutely, in terms of the response that we've gotten not upright from that style yet from whole of our day in day titles. we search very welfare touching the response that consumers possess given it in the home.ˮ

during the second quarter, hbo and hbo max topped 47 favorite u.s. subscribers, up 2.8 favorite from the pristine territory. globally, subscriber numbers reached 67.5 favorite as of the top of june, up from 63.9 favorite remotest territory.

warnermedia has utilized a day-and-date quit type for its showy releases in 2021, which puts its sign films on the wide shelter and on hbo max on the similar day. this strategy succeed melt in 2022 and warner bros. films that are earmarked for showy quit succeed work exclusively in cinemas for at smallest 45 days.

films made upright for hbo max succeed single go to theaters in restricted runs at selected locations if they are expected to live oscar contenders.

ˮin terms of where things go in the future, i reflect it's untarnished to utter that, and i've said this precedently publicly, i verily don't understand us going train to the practice the world was in 2015 or 2016 or 2017, where windows were wholly tedious between showy and home sight whether it was an a la carte proceeding or something else,ˮ kilar said.

warnermedia, which is currently owned by at&t, is expected to merge with discovery next year if the proceeding is approved by regulators.





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